May I bring lawn chairs, blankets or coolers?

Yes. There is plenty of room in the Michelin Green or Meadowbrook Green to set up and enjoy the show!

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1. What are the hours for Clemson MBA Fireworks on the Fourth?
2. Does the event cost money?
3. Will there be food and drink available?
4. Where do I park at Unity Park?
5. Where can I park?
6. How much is parking?
7. Is smoking allowed in the park?
8. Where are public restrooms located?
9. What happens if it rains?
10. What happens if I get separated from my child or parent?
11. Is there a Lost and Found?
12. Can I bring my own alcohol with me?
13. May I bring lawn chairs, blankets or coolers?
14. Are roller skates, skateboards, bikes or personal transportation allowed?
15. Are pets allowed in the event site?
16. Can I bring a firearm?
17. Can I bring a tent or an umbrella?
18. Can I bring sparklers?