Jury Duty

Jury Selection

Jurors for Greenville Municipal Court are randomly selected from a database that contains information from the South Carolina Election Commission and the South Carolina Highway Department.

If you are selected for a specific jury trial term, you will receive a Municipal Court Juror Response Form (PDF) and a self-addressed envelope in the mail. The Juror Response Form must be completed and returned to Municipal Court.

Reporting for Jury Duty

Please arrive promptly and please do not bring beverages, children, relatives, or friends with you on the day you report for jury duty.

Upon arrival you will be shown to a courtroom separate from all other case parties attending jury trials. It is important that you do not speak with any case party, even if it is a relative.

When the clerk calls your name, you should be prepared to stand and state your name and occupation. At that time, the judge may ask questions to determine your qualification to serve.

If you are dismissed or told to report the following day, be sure to you know when and where you are to report. Each morning, roll will be taken to record your presence.

For More Information

If you need more information or wish to discuss your status for jury service, please call the Deputy Clerk at 864-467-6638. Each summoned juror will receive a Juror's Handbook (PDF) during roll call on his or her 1st day of service.