Stone Avenue Safety Project

The Stone Avenue Safety Project aims to improve traffic and pedestrian safety along Stone Avenue between Pete Hollis Boulevard and I-385. The project is currently in the planning and design stage, and construction on the first phase of the project is expected to begin in Spring 2024. 

Public Meeting Scheduled

The City will hold a public meeting on Wednesday, November 15 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at St. George Greek Orthodox Church, 406 N Academy St., to present a series of recommendations designed to improve safety and reduce congestion along the corridor. 

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Recommendations include:

  • Installing a pedestrian signal at the intersection of Stone Avenue and Wilton Street
  • Improving pedestrian crossing safety by implementing No Right Turns on Red
  • Restricting left turns from Stone Avenue during peak travel times 
  • Consolidating redundant or obsolete driveways and curb cuts 
  • Creating shared driveways for adjacent small businesses where possible
  • Reducing or modifying vehicle lanes to improve bicycle lanes crossing Stone Avenue (bike box, marked lanes)
  • Installing raised concrete medians (where space is available) to reduce turning conflicts for vehicles
  • Selectively clearing vegetation, including trees, to improve visibility at intersections

At the meeting, there will be a short presentation followed by an opportunity for attendees to visit project information stations to ask questions and provide input on the recommendations being proposed. 

Individuals who are unable to attend the meeting can view the presentation and display boards on this page after the Nov. 15 meeting and provide input at