Airport District Planning Study

With the assistance of the Arcadis consulting team, the City has completed a planning study for the Greenville Airport District.

The Airport District Planning Study marries the City's economic development vision with the logistical requirements of the Greenville Airport Commission. The 15-year comprehensive strategy for the area also includes recommendations for land use, development, infrastructure, and connectivity.

Airport District plan 

The City has published a final Airport District Plan, adopted by City Council on Oct. 23, 2023.
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The City presented the public with the latest updates on the progress of the Airport District Plan on June 6.      
Airport District Plan Presentation


In April, residents attended a two-day design charrette, a workshop to review and comment on plans created by the design team. 

Over the course of the workshop, the City's multidisciplinary team of planners, designers, market specialists, and engineers will work with the community to create detailed designs for various areas in and around the Airport District. 

Public Visioning SESSION HELD

A public visioning session held on March 7 gave community members the opportunity to participate in the planning process. Interactive stations and activities allowed attendees a chance to share their vision and goals for the greater airport area.
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