Trails & Bridges

Map showing Unity Park walking trails and distances


Walkers can enjoy a choice of five looped trails through Unity Park, for a total walking distance of 2.53 miles. Download a park trail map


Three bridges provide easy pedestrian access throughout Unity Park:

  • The 70-foot Hagins Family Bridge was installed just upstream of the Reedy River crossing at Hudson Street. Prefabricated in Pickens, SC, the bridge arrived in once piece and was put in place with a crane. The bridge opened on July 9, 2021.
  • The 110-foot Spinks Bridge was installed upstream, closer to Mayberry Street, in August 2021. Also prefabricated, this larger bridge was transported in two sections and placed with a crane. It opened in December 2021, allowing pedestrian access to businesses on the south side of the river.
  • Finally, the 165-foot Auro Bridge (at right) opened in May 2022. Made of weathered steel, the Auro Bridge was constructed on-site, by specially trained crews suspended on cables, working from both sides of the river.

View of the Auro Bridge with flowers in bloom at its base