Retro-looking man with Don't Litter button and title that says Let's Make Greenville Cleanvill

Cities across the country have experienced an increase in littering as a result of the pandemic and Greenville is no different. Whether it’s accidental or out of carelessness, discarded bottles, wrappers, containers and other trash are a major eyesore and can affect the overall appearance and cleanliness of our city. The good news is that litter is 100% preventable.

The City is doing its part to address the issue by using dedicated clean-up crews to help keep the Central Business District, major thoroughfares and public spaces free of litter, providing trash and recycling containers in high-traffic areas and supporting neighborhood clean-ups.

Now, we’re asking Greenville residents to do their part by properly disposing of or recycling their trash. A clean city benefits everyone, so let’s work together to make Greenville the cleanest and greenest it can be!

City Litter Control Crews

The Public Works Department has dedicated crews that keep the Central Business District, major thoroughfares and public rights-of-way free of litter. 

Below is an interactive map and up-to-date information about the crews' pickup routes and schedules.

Litter Crew Routes and Schedule

Enter an address to zoom to a location, or click on a route to see the delivery day.

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