Adopt A Stop

Each Greenlink bus stop is part of our community. By volunteering as an Adoptee with Greenlink’s Adopt-A-Stop program you can make a difference in yours. The Adopt-A-Stop program provides opportunities for community groups or individuals to contribute to the beautification of bus stops throughout Greenville County by providing periodic cleaning or sponsoring bus stop amenities.

adopt-a-stop sample sign

Why Do We Need Your Help? 

Greenlink provides transit service to more than 425 stops throughout Greenville County. Although each shelter receives a scheduled cleaning and repairs and maintenance occur when Greenlink is notified of any issues, it is challenging for Greenlink staff to service each stop as often as is necessary. You can help make a difference in your community through Greenlink’s Adopt-A-Stop program. The Adopt-A-Stop program helps Greenlink provide immediate attention to maintenance concerns such as graffiti removal, urgent repairs, garbage cleanup, and security issues. Sign up today so that your organization, business or family can do your part to make our community and environment cleaner and safer!

What Is Expected?

Greenlink asks that Adopt-A-Stop volunteers:

  • Commit to visiting the stop at least once a week to clean up trash and debris
  • Report vandalism or safety concerns to Greenlink on a regular basis
  • Assess the need for amenity upgrades such as landscaping, trash cans, sidewalk landing pads, benches, or shelters. Upgrades will need to be funded by the Adoptee and may require additional permit approvals. Consult with Greenlink staff before any improvements are installed
  • Decide whether to renew your agreement on an annual basis.
ADOPT A STOP - United Ministries
ADOPT A STOP - Wetzel Services


1.    Choose a bus stop. You can view Greenlink’s top 25 most used stops for a list of stops that would benefit most from your help in keeping the stop clean and reporting any concerns. If you’re interested in financially supporting amenities for riders, use this interactive map to explore the bus stops identified for upgrades. Planned amenities include bus stop shelters, benches, lighting, and trash cans. Click on the bus stop icon for details on the:

  • Bus stop details and route(s) served
  • Proposed additional amenities
  • Project status and expected completion date

Sample pictures of the possible seating upgrades (including Solstop solar lighting with attached seating, six-foot benches, and bus stop shelters) that can be purchased for these stops are included below. Otherwise, you are welcome to pick another stop in the system. View an interactive map of the bus stops that have already been adopted by volunteers

2.    Contact Nicole McAden at 864-298-2756 or to schedule a time to meet and discuss your plans for the stop that you are interested in adopting.

3.    Submit your application.

4.    Once your application has been approved, Greenlink will reach out to schedule a follow-up meeting to deliver up your safety packet and supplies.

5.    Report your clean-up activities once a month.


After your bus stop is adopted, your name will appear on a sign which will be posted at that stop. You may also receive recognition in Greenlink’s quarterly newsletter and on social media. We’ll also provide a press release template for you to share with the local news outlets so you receive the recognition you deserve. View an interactive map of the bus stops that have already been adopted by volunteers.

Solstop Lighting

Solstop Solar Lighting with Attached Seat

Bench - 6 foot

6 Foot Bench

Bus Stop Shelter

Bus Stop Shelter
ADOPT A STOP - Kat and Tyler