City Partners with K-12 Schools for Stormwater Education

Elementary, middle and high schools that provide educational activities centered on watershed pollution and protection may be eligible for a 20% credit on their stormwater utility fee.

This public outreach and education program is designed to increase awareness about surface and groundwater resources and the effects of urbanization on these resources, and encourage students to be lifelong stewards of our area's precious natural resources. While an approved curriculum is available, schools may develop their own curriculum for review and approval by the City's Engineering Division.

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Participation in the program is subject to the following conditions:

  • The school is an accredited K-12 educational institution that serves at least 50 students on a property parcel
  • The education outreach is designed to reach every student in the school at least once during their time at that school location
  • The educational activities consist of a minimum of one hour of instructional content specific to stormwater education
  • The institution provides documentation of curriculum taught and verification of the number of students that received instruction annually

To determine if your school is eligible, or to learn more about the program, please contact the City of Greenville Environmental Engineering Division at 864-467-4400.

Approved Stormwater Curriculum

Greenville Zoo Slippery When Wet (PDF): This program is provided as part of school programs at the Greenville Zoo and can be incorporated into school field trips to the zoo.

Greenville County Soil & Water Conservation District: Customized Grade Specific Education. Contact Lynn Pilewski for more information.

Project WET

Note: This list is not exclusive. For lessons that are developed independent of curriculum listed above, prior review and approval of lesson plans by the City’s Engineering Division staff is required to be eligible for the credit.