Parks Projects

Track the progress of $3.6 million in park improvements at more than 20 locations throughout the city!

With 37 parks occupying more than 400 acres of land within the city, Greenville's green spaces and recreation opportunities are among the amenities that set us apart from other communities. And while it is important to create new spaces and opportunities as our city grows, we are committed to ensuring that our existing parks remain attractive and inviting and that quality public amenities are available to residents in every neighborhood in the city.

To that end, through the Neighborhood Parks Program (NPP) initiative, the City has invested $3.6 million to make targeted improvements in neighborhood parks. A total of 24 park spaces will be upgraded, with improvements ranging from lighting, fencing and trail/court resurfacing to the construction of new restrooms and the installation of new playground equipment. The NPP funding was used for large-scale projects like development of the former Cleveland Park Stables property, creation of an updated master plan for Cleveland Park and the repair/replacement of several pedestrian bridges in McPherson Park.

Completed Projects

photo of pickleball court with a graphic checkmark over it

Pickleball Courts

Athletic field upgrades allowed for the addition of pickleball courts at Cleveland and Holmes parks.

Gower Playground Equipment with graphic check mark showing project complete

Playground equipment replaced at 11 city parks

Two women walking over completed bridge in McPherson Park

Renovation of three pedestrian bridges in McPherson Park

tennis court with a large graphic check mark indicating it is complete

Tennis Court resurfacing at Cleveland and Holmes parks

Legacy Parking Lot

Parking lot resurfacing at Legacy Park

Completed parking lot at Wenwood Soccer Complex

Parking lot resurfacing at Wenwood Soccer Complex

Image showing masonry work with a check mark over the photo

Masonry Repairs at Cleveland Park

Image showing completed hand rail work with a checkmark over the photo

Accessibility Improvements: Hand rails replaced and repaired at five parks.

Fencing at Skyland Park with a green check box graphic indicating the project is complete

New fencing installed at Skyland Park.

Fencing at Butler Park with a green check box graphic indicating the project is complete

New fencing installed at Butler Park