Conditional Use Permits and Applications

Conditional Use permits are required for businesses that would like to be open after midnight, and uses such as bars, nightclubs and event venues. Applications for Conditional Use permits require review and recommendation by the City’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) prior to approval.

Technical Advisory Committee

The TAC includes representatives from the following City departments/divisions:

  • Fire
  • Police
  • Building Permit
  • Business License
  • City Attorney
  • Economic Development
  • Planning & Development

Permit Approval Process

Begin the application process by downloading a Conditional Use Application (PDF). Complete the application and submit to

Application fee may be paid online after staff is in receipt of the completed packet or in person at City Hall before 2 p.m. Monday - Friday.

2021 submitted conditional use applications

  1. Public Notice - CU 21-889 - Application by City of Greenville for parking lot at Meadow St
  2. Public Notice - CU 21-888 - Application by Marc Workman for medical facility (dentist office) at 1613 E North St
  3. Public Notice - APPROVED - CU 21-735 - Application by Gregory McPhee (Extra Crispy LLC) for restaurant w outdoor seating - 1501 E North St
  4. Public Notice - APPROVED - CU 21-699 - Application by Good Times Events for an Event venue at 28 Liberty Lane
  5. Public Notice - APPROVED - CU 21-655 - Application by Nine14 for an event venue at 914 Pendleton Street
  6. Public Notice - APPROVED - CU 21-587 - Application by Birds Fly South for a restaurant with outdoor seating at 1501 E. North St.
  7. Public Notice - APPROVED - CU 21-526 - Application by Michael Wooddy for a restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating at 214 Rutherford St.
  8. Public Notice - APPROVED - CU 21-468 - Application by Greenville Beer Exchange for a bar use at 7 S. Laurens St.
  9. Public Notice - APPROVED - CU 21-453 - Application by Krees Sales and Service for a retail use at 2310 E. North St.
  10. Public Notice - APPROVED - CU 21-436 - Application by Tree of Eternal Life for a retail use in a C-1 district at 2310 E. North St.
  11. Public Notice - APPROVED - CU 21-270 - Application by Carolina Holistic Health for a medical office at 1622 E. North St.
  12. Public Notice - APPROVED - CU 21-205 - Application by Microbial Express Labs for an office in a C-1 district at 1622 E. North St.
  13. Public Notice - APPROVED - CU 21-188 - Application by Social Lounge for a restaurant and bar open past midnight at 245 N. Main St.
  14. Public Notice - APPROVED - CU 21-170 - Application by Society Greenville for bar and restaurant open past midnight at 18 E. Coffee St.
  15. Public Notice - APPROVED - CU 21-147 - Application by Salon Thirty-Four for a Salon at 1610 E. North St.


  1. Public Notice CU 20-832 Application by Acuarius for Nightclub at 200 N Pleasantburg Dr_Withdrawn
  2. Public Notice CU 20-814 Application by Rosenfeld Realty Group at 1622 E North St_Approved
  3. Public Notice CU 20-810 Application by Other Lands Brewing for Bar at 731 and 735 Rutherford Rd_Approved
  4. Public Notice CU 20-752 Application by Pavillon for Medical facility at 1011 E Washington St_Approved
  5. Public Notice CU 20-668 Application by The Venue at Falls Park for an Event venue at 633 S Main St_Approved
  6. Public Notice CU 20-648 Application by Clares Creamery and Confections for Restaurant with outdoor seating at 1635 E North St_Approved
  7. Public Notice CU 20-553 Application by Barber Gallery for barber shop use at 1700 E North St_Approved
  8. Public Notice CU 20-552 Application by Abanico for nightclub-restaurant use at 21 E Washington St_Approved
  9. Public Notice CU 20-551 Application by Auro Hotels for restaurant-bar use after midnight at 315 S Main St_Approved
  10. Public Notice CU 20-464 Application by The Venue at Falls Park for event venue use at 631 S. Main St
  11. Public Notice CU 20-309 Application by The Oxford Barber for barber shop use at 1633 E North St
  12. Public Notice CU 18-384M Application by Gerald Smith to operate Blues Boulevard at 300 River St
  13. Public Notice CU 20-243 Application by El Progreso Express for office at 1700 E North St A
  14. Public Notice CU 20-166 Application by Pangaea Brewing LLC for restaurant and brewery at 115 Welborn St
  15. Public Notice CU 20-162 Application by Pour Lounge for bar at 221 N Main St
  16. Public Notice CU 20-158 Application by Lynn Strong Fine Jewelry for retail use at 1322 E Washington St
  17. Public Notice CU 20-137 Application The Open Blade for Barbershop at 109 Cleveland St
  18. Public Notice CU 20-113 Application by Fifth Third Bank for 24 Hour ATM at 656 S Main St
  19. Public Notice CU 20-104 Application by Madina Cauthen for event venue at 28 Global Dr
  20. Public Notice CU 19-989 application by 1503 Overbrook LLC for parking lot at Chestnut St
  21. Public Notice CU 19-798 application by Angela Boston for bar at 130 W Antrim Dr